Installation Supplies and Hangers

From blades and tools to hangers and accessories, CSI provides the equipment necessary to complete any installation process.

CSI brings convenience and cost-savings to an installation process. CSI saw blades last longer than other manufacturer's blades, and the PS-8 blade lubricant extends their durability even more. CSI saw guides make accurate square cuts, minimize weld preparation, and increase efficiency. Finish by making consistent, quality welds with CSI's tungsten electrodes.

Hinged Hangers (8)
CH Behringer Hangers (407)
Hex Hangers (122)
Feet (5)
Syntiro Process Hex Hangers (16)
Wall Plates (14)
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Tools (11)
Welding Supplies (5)
Components (13)
Smooth Bore Behringer Hangers (408)
Saw Blades & Guides (41)
Polishing Supplies (9)
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